Saturday 13th August 2016

Balloon release photoSo…. after getting changed from the swim, it was time to go outside for the balloon release. These were kindly sponsored by DCLT and were to represent one for every mile I had swum over the past year. I am excited to say that we have one balloon found already…. near Grimsby! This might mean that if the wind direction has taken them east, then a lot of them may have ended up in the sea!  However, the tags say that the competition to find them goes on till 31st October so we shall see.

After we had let the balloons go, it was then time to enjoy a Reception in the main room upstairs at the Leisure Centre. It was a lovely opportunity for those invited to chat to the Osmonds, and have photos taken. It was especially nice to recognise those who had offered great support throughout my Challenge, namely Carl Lewis from DCLT who simply could not have done more to support my efforts, for which I am extremely grateful.

A special mention was given to Kayleigh from Tesco Extra and Carolyn from Asda who coordinated the bag packs there. Unfortunately Martine from Morrisons was unable to come at the last minute, but their contribution was also recognised. Then we had Shirl from Thorntons who had donated over 1,000 chocolates for the Hearing Fund Gala, including samples for the Reception. Amazing. My Slimming World Consultant Sue Denton was there, as was the lovely Bobbie Roberts , Head of Trustees from the Deaf School. Special friends who have supported me in a huge way were also included on the guest list.  Finally I could not have missed an opportunity to recognise my lovely husband Paul, and my family, who have each been a tower of strength to me. I really could not have done this without them.

A special thank you to everyone who turned up to make it such an unforgettable occasion.  I am extremely grateful to Merrill, Justin and Kristi Osmond for coming, and for Justin being such a great sport in wanting to swim with me. What an honour! (Thanks to the lovely Tracey for organising their schedule to allow them to be there too!)

The Osmonds came to Armthorpe…. how incredible is that?!  😀

Dreams really can come true.

So what happens next?? As I finished my swim I had a strong impression that this is not the end, but a beginning of something else. Many people have encouraged me to keep writing this Blog once my Challenge ends. I have loved writing. I really do intend to follow it up with a book, because there are lots of things I would have liked to have shared but were unable to for various reasons. For now, the Blog continues. I still need to share the events following the Final Mile day so there is still more to come  ……



Monday 16th May 2016


Scottish border 2

Oh my goodness…. on the map I have just calculated that after having swum my 190th mile today, I have passed Marshall Meadows. Quoting from Wikipedia, it says this:

Marshall Meadows Bay is the northernmost point of England. It is located on the Northumberland coast, 2.5 miles (4.0 km) to the north of Berwick-upon-Tweed, and just to the south of the Anglo-Scottish border. The hamlet of Marshall Meadows lies to the west of the bay, and is the most northerly inhabited place in England.

This means tomorrow, when I swim Mile 191, I will be passing through the Scotland/England border!!! That definitely has a ‘wow factor’ for me because I hadn’t realised I was this close to Scotland.  I was so busy swimming last week, I forgot to check the map! 🙂  I knew I was getting closer, but hadn’t realised I was this close. Exciting!


Today’s Challenge News:

  • DCLT are about to publish a press release about my swim, and are inviting those who would like to Swim a Mile with me to come along.  I will share this very soon, including details of how anyone around the country can also register to take part.
  • I had a lovely call from Martine at Morrison’s in Doncaster today.  The first confirmed date to do a Bag pack there is on Friday 24th June. As their schedule is so busy, the second visit will be after the Gala weekend in August, but I’m still very grateful to her for her kindness towards me, and the support she is offering on behalf of Morrison’s. What a nice lady!
  • I also went to visit another lovely lady who runs her own private swimming school this afternoon. She would love to help fundraise, and more details about her and her school will be shared on here soon, once we have agreed on the finer details.  Thank you Roxana… it was a pleasure to meet you, and your support is very much appreciated.

So, all in all, a great day. Wow…. Scotland, here I come! 🙂 🙂

Sunday 15th May 2016

More exciting news.  Morrison’s in Doncaster have agreed to let me have two bag pack days to raise money for the Hearing Fund UK.  This is a fabulous opportunity because on good days, they can bring in up to £1,000 a time!! So with Tesco Extra and Morrison’s on board, they will be confirming dates very shortly.  I am looking for teams of 10 people on each of the four dates to come and help me. I have already had a few volunteers, but if anyone would like to come along and be available for a day (or even a few hours) it would be most appreciated. Your t-shirt is awaiting you 🙂  I will confirm the dates as soon as they have been agreed. Thank you so much.

I have also discovered a possible way to have my Celebrity t-shirt signed all at one event!!!!  News on this will be posted shortly, so please stay tuned!

This is Linda Carlo, reporting for the Hearing Fund UK Challenge in Doncaster, South Yorkshire! Haha !