Friday 12th August 2016

So…. the 250th mile was complete. Everyone was going a little wild at this point, including the swimmers who had come for a public session who were using the other side of the pool, and had stopped to join in the cheering.  As I climbed out of the pool, someone threw my towel around me because the Calendar news reporter stepped forward at the top of the steps to get my initial reaction! (Added note: my 9 year old grandson Elijah apparently had been looking after my towel, and made sure he gave it to me at the right time 🙂  Thank you Elijah xx) I can’t say I was particularly out of breath but it did make me think later about how these athletes must feel  after winning a medal and they are gasping for air but trying to talk normally for the camera haha.  I wasn’t gasping but it did make me smile.  🙂 Here is the ITV Calendar news link:

It seems that whilst I was swimming, Merrill was also interviewed by BBC Radio Sheffield. The reporter did a live link with me straight after Calendar had finished but I haven’t heard that report yet.

Finally Doncaster Free Press were also there.  I need to buy this week’s newspaper, but I was told about their Facebook page which showed this:

Doncaster Free Press 11 August

The link for this article is at but as several people have pointed out, the fundraising total is very much out of date. Owen and Justin

After my swim, I was told about something which happened that I hadn’t been aware of, but there is a lovely moment captured on camera. Justin had presumed that towels are provided at the Leisure Centre but when he realised they aren’t, word got round that he needed something to get dried with after his swim. You may remember young 8 year old Owen McGarry who swam a mile to raise money for The Hearing Fund UK recently. Well Owen had come prepared to swim if there had been an opportunity to. Instead he offered to let Justin borrow his towel, and this picture shows Owen kneeling down at the poolside to let Justin give him a hug to say thank you.  How special is that?!


With Owen and Grace



Here is another picture of Owen, along with 8 year old Grace, who also swam a mile with me recently:





And finally one of my favourite photos which I now use as my Facebook profile picture. I need a bit of practise with the ‘I love you’ sign though … mine was back to front haha

With Merrill and Justin

Tomorrow’s page will be about the balloon release, and what happened next. To be continued …


Monday 11th April 2016

Well it was an interesting experience being interviewed for BBC Radio Sheffield today.  I was surprised to be asked so much about the Church I belong to.  I love being a Mormon, and my faith is a very precious and personal thing to me.  I hope what I shared, without being given any time to prepare, came across OK. There is so much more I would have liked to have said about my 250 mile swim challenge and the Hearing Fund, but didn’t get the chance. Ah well… it was a huge learning curve for me.  I still look forward to my time on Sine FM on Wednesday at 10:00am. This is available for 29 days from today.

* * * * *

DSCF5726As promised I would like to share a few things about a very impressive young boy who is deaf.  Matthew is 10 years old and has been given an opportunity to learn to play a violin with individual music tuition, with support from the Hearing Fund UK. Some of the exciting Projects Matthew has been involved in can be found on the Hearing Fund website.


Matthew’s Mum helped me appreciate how little her son can hear by asking me to place one finger right into my right ear.  Then with the left ear, place a finger from my left hand mostly inside.  You should try it and see for yourself.  It makes you realise what a remarkable achievement it is, that Matthew is able to play his violin so well, when he can hear so little.


As we spent some time with Matthew on Saturday evening, I couldn’t help but be impressed by his quiet confidence. I asked him if he would like to play a piece which I could share on this Blog, and he was very happy to do so.  He is currently working on his Grade 3 exam and I am quite certain he will pass this with flying colours. I wanted to share the recording of the music he played for us, but unfortunately I have just learned that my free WordPress Blog doesn’t support videos.  I might just have to change that!  In the meantime, please see the link on the Hearing Fund Facebook page.


Matthew with his Mum and Justin Osmond

Well done Matthew…. you are a great credit to your family, to the Hearing Fund UK  and to all who support and teach you.  I look forward to watching you increase in confidence and ability. Having seen what you can do,  gives me an even greater sense of purpose to raise money for the Hearing Fund so thank you for sharing your talent with me. x

Monday 4th April 2016

Radio Sheffield

Today I’ve had a radio interview confirmed with BBC Radio Sheffield for next week with Rony Robinson.  I will be talking to him on his show on Monday 11th April during the ‘My Life so Far’ slot. It starts at 12.10pm and ends at about 12.30pm. It can be found afterwards on IPlayer for 30 days afterwards.

I have also been invited to chat with Andrew Isaacs at Sine FM, a community radio station in Doncaster, next Wednesday 13th April at 10:00am. On their website, his programme is described as:

Sine FM

‘A weekly display of admiration for the town and people of Doncaster with special guests and features aimed to
celebrate all things Donny.’

It’s a show which lasts for an hour and usually has more than one guest appearing.  The Podcast for the show can be downloaded afterwards but is only available for 7 days.

I had another lovely note from Justin Osmond this afternoon.  They are on their way over here for the ‘Serenity Weekend’ this weekend, and I’m really looking forward to seeing Justin, Merrill and Kristi on Saturday 🙂

Come back tomorrow and I’ll be sharing some exciting information about this year’s Annual Hearing Fund Gala coming up in August!


Monday 28th March 2016

Today I reached 157 miles in the pool. I thought I was at Alnwick but I have two more miles to get that far!  As I approach this beautiful Northumberland town, this is the sort of view I would be seeing….


I wanted to give credit to Lee Frost for the photograph because I think it’s a stunning picture.

Also today I had an email to say I have been invited to appear on BBC Radio Sheffield on Monday 11th April. I’m not sure which programme, or at what time yet, but I will share more details once I have them. This is exciting. The last time I took part in a radio interview was with Donny several years ago at BBC Radio Newcastle. I will be forever grateful to Paddy MacDee for that one! 🙂