The Hearing Fund UK

The original Hearing Fund, known as The Osmond Foundation, was the inspiration of Olive Osmond, mother of the famous Osmond family. Her vision was ‘to raise hearing health awareness and provide for the needs of those living with a hearing loss.’ Her two eldest children, Virl and Tom, are deaf and it is very inspiring to read how one thing can lead to another.

Olive’s story can be found on The Hearing Fund UK website.

Justin, son of Merrill Osmond, is the only second generation Osmond to inherit the deaf gene and was born with 90% hearing loss.  With his huge desire to carry on his grandmother’s work, he is President of The Hearing Fund UK.

The Hearing Fund UK is in need of funds to raise awareness and support deaf children and their families in the UK. They are particularly needing to purchase musical instruments for the children, so that they can take them home to practise. They also provide private one to one specialised individual music tuition on a weekly basis where they are taught to feel the music through the vibrations. Their increase in confidence affects their lives in many ways. This often leads to the children taking Graded music exams, and excellent results are being achieved.

For further information about what The Hearing Fund does, please visit




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