Sunday 2nd July 2017

Oh my goodness, where has the past 11 months gone?! I know I have been promising updates but when life gets so very busy, some things have got to give.  However, this surely must be an excuse and not a reason, considering how hectic my life was a year ago, trying to fit in at least 5 miles in the pool! Now THAT was b.u.s.y!!! 😀

Anyway, enough of my excuses. I am back in the fundraising mode.  I am working like mad to complete my 250 mile Triathlon for The Hearing Fund UK which currently means I am completing five miles a DAY, five times a week. Admittedly these are not just swimming miles. I have become a daily gym power walker/cyclist for most of the time. This is still a huge commitment on my part to go so often but my personal fitness is certainly improving. I would like to implement the C to 5K challenge during this final month, but as I’m not a runner, this should be interesting! 😀

I know I mentioned last September I was starting the 250 mile Triathlon then, but somehow, after my swim, it just didn’t seem challenging enough to complete this over twelve months. (You can run/walk/cycle a lot faster than swimming the distance). I messed about doing a few miles here and there, but it was only in January I picked up a gear. Despite this, my sense of direction and motivation was a personal struggle for me. I was trying to compare this to my swim and for some reason I found it hard to get excited.

So, what helped me to get to this point where I am back in ‘the zone’, you may be asking? Well it was simply this…. in my enthusiasm to raise more money for The Hearing Fund UK, I somehow managed to persuade two friends to join me in completing 250 miles! Diane started in January and Debbie began a couple of months later. They have raised over £600 for The Hearing Fund between them, with their distance and fundraising deadlines being at The Annual HF Gala in August!!  How could I ever hope to have these friends go the distance, with me sitting on the sidelines?! It was time to get myself go, go, going!!! lol (One of my personal mottos in life is that you should never ask someone to do something you are not prepared to do yourself.)

So here I am …. over the past few months I have completed 150 miles, with 100 miles to go.  In order to give myself some leeway if needed, my target completion date is 31st July. Simply five miles a day, five days a week.  The Annual Hearing Fund Gala 2017 is on Saturday 12th August.  My fundraising target is to raise at least £250.

This is where I need your help please. I have a Just Giving page which can be found at  However, they do take a percentage to run the page so alternatively I have set up a bank account purely for fundraising. The account details are as follows:

Account No: 11371665

Sort Code: 11-52-65.

One hundred percent of the funds transferred to this Bank account will go to The Hearing Fund UK.  I really do appreciate any support you can give.  This is just as much of a challenge to me to raise this money in a month, but with everyone’s support, every little really does help.

More Blog entries to follow 🙂  I will let you know how it goes …



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