Friday 2nd September 2016

OK, so I have had a whole month off!! Where on earth did that time go?! My Mum used to say that time goes faster the older you get. If it passes this fast now, heaven knows what it will be like when I’m 80 haha.

I didn’t make time to share the rest of the events of the Final Mile Week on here, including the Hearing Fund Gala and the Inspirational Evening with the Osmonds, but I plan to catch up on those over the next few days, with photos.

Thank you to all those who have stayed in touch over Summer and especially to those who keep telling me they have missed my Blog. Here is a short summary of the past four weeks…. We have enjoyed a family holiday with the grandchildren, family and friends visiting; we cleaned out the garage in time for a Car Boot sale in a couple of week’s time, I baked a couple of hundred cupcakes, and a wedding cake. And what may be a little surprising is that I haven’t been anywhere near the pool! Actually, that’s an exaggeration!… I have managed a couple of 40 length swims (1000m), plus a practise run in the gym. But I have had no desire whatsoever to swim five miles a week!! 😀  😀

Having said this, I have actually felt a sense of loss. This will probably sound like a contradiction but I have missed the intense focus I needed to stay on track to complete the Challenge in time for Justin and Merrill being here. I have missed the need to plan my days around the goal to swim five times a week and the structure that brought into my life. I have missed the feeling of being at my peak fitness where my body wasn’t tired, even though I expected so much of it. I felt I lost some sense of purpose when I didn’t need to constantly think of new ways to raise more for The Hearing Fund. Mind you, I haven’t finished collecting yet! I’m almost there but there are one or two significant amounts still waiting to come in. If all goes to plan I still hope to have raised £8,000!! I will share the exact final total once it has all been accounted for. In the meantime, if you are wondering if you can still make a donation, the answer is a definite YES! My Just Giving page will run till 23rd September and can be found at Thank you to EVERYONE who has contributed in any way at all. You are truly amazing.

So, what happens next?! Well there are two rather exciting decisions I have made… today, at exactly 10am, which is one calendar month since I completed my final mile, I have decided that maintaining my personal fitness is a must.  It would be a real shame to let it slide after what I have enjoyed over the past year. So, with this in mind, along with being quite certain that I wouldn’t like to attempt another 250 mile swim (!), I am sticking with the 250 mile distance and I will be doing it as a triathlon…. swimming, cycling and walking/running. Considering that I don’t run and I don’t cycle, this could prove interesting! 🙂 However, today donned in my best gym kit, I completed my first mile on the treadmill in the gym in 15 mins. It was more of a power walk really, but oh boy, my legs are reminding me this is not my usual form of exercise! Still, this is not a complaint…. I am once again excited about my plan to cover the distance from Edinburgh back to Doncaster and I am on my way! 1 mile down, 249 to go!! 😀 If anyone would like to join in with me, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP!! I will share my specific plans and distances for each part of the Challenge tomorrow. I would absolutely love it if others like the idea of doing this too.

What an exciting time! Whilst I felt sad four weeks ago that my Final Mile with Justin brought me to the end, it was actually leading to this new beginning. I do hope you will join me in the next stage of my journey.




  1. You’ve got me interested in doing the triathlon with you. The cycling and even running I think I could manage. It’s the swimming that scares me. Will the distances be divided equally between the three disciplines?



  2. Already on board my friend!! Glad you have worked out what you want to do and Im supporting you all the way, maybe I can do a few miles myself…..



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