Wednesday 3rd August 2016

I am smiling that everyone thinks I must be enjoying a rest today!! 😀 If only you knew!  Today has been a day full of gathering collection cans from each of the Sports Centres around Doncaster, and punching 300 butterflies out with my dear friend Carol. The cutter is being very temperamental and we both have repetitive strain to our hands lol. So please, if you are attending the Hearing Fund Annual Gala on Saturday, please take a moment to notice these beautiful creatures made out of card on your table favours!! 😀 (Next are the 300 ribbons and tags) It’s OK, we have having a laugh (well, sort of haha)

Osmonds welcome

Welcoming Merrill, Justin and Kristi Osmond to Armthorpe Leisure Centre

Photo credit: Leigh Cowell

I really must somehow share the events of yesterday, without writing reams that would take too long to read. I think instalments will be the best way.

First of all I was relieved that the task of blowing up 250 helium balloons was delegated, and we were able to take care of sorting other last minute things out instead. We got to the Leisure Centre early enough to see most people arrive in plenty of time.  Armthorpe Leisure Centre looked at its best. Flowers had been placed by the entrance, the car park was looking smart, the Centre was gleaming and everything was in place.  The Calendar News team arrived, and BBC Radio Sheffield and Doncaster Free Press came shortly afterwards. All that was missing were the Osmonds and it wasn’t long before they arrived too.

Justin and I got dressed fairly quickly to begin our swim because the Presenter from Calendar who was to interview us needed to leave by 11:00am as he needed to be reading the News at midday!

Come back tomorrow to find out what happened next. Sorry for the short and sweet post but I need to get back to punching more butterflies!! 😀



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