Tuesday 2nd August 2016

What on earth can I say to sum up today? I am actually lost for words. I have just spent some time watching the videos, the TV news item, the Facebook comments and messages, and part of me feels like they are talking about somebody else!! I know that’s crazy, but I’m not sure that reality has quite sunk in yet.

I will probably take a few days to record some of the amazing things which have happened today on here. But for now, I just want to thank every single person who has helped me make a dream come true. Seriously. Finding the words to express the kind of gratitude I feel is simply impossible right now.  Perhaps the words will come in time.

I will ask one thing of every person who reads this though.  Decide how YOU can make a difference to someone who needs you. It maybe be great, it may be small; it may take a moment, it might take a year.  It may be someone in your family, it may be a friend or a stranger. Whatever it is, find some quiet time to think what it is you are meant to do. If you believe in God as I do, say a prayer. You will find what it is. And then I will promise you something.  As you go out and do whatever it is, you will find a real sense of purpose in your life. A peace that makes you feel that you have the power to change your world, even in  a small way. It will be a reason to smile. My dream has become very public because I have needed help from so many wonderful people, but the best acts of kindness and love are given quietly without anyone else knowing.

I will come back tomorrow xx




  1. Congratulations lass, you did it!
    You have added alot of sunshine to so many lives, enjoy the moment and the blessings.
    A great BIG hug .



  2. ‘She believed she could so she did’

    As an Osmond said to me, “This gal is awsome”.

    So proud of you my friend and looking forward to the next adventure with you……………



  3. How can I begin to tell you how proud of you I was seeing you complete your amazing swim yesterday Linda?
    I am sure that today you are still trying to come to terms with the fact that you actually did it and that Merrill and Justin kept their promise to be there too!
    Enjoy a little relax until Friday my friend 🙂 xxx



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