Sunday 31st July 2016

I know it sounds daft writing my Sunday Blog when Monday is almost over, but I can’t let yesterday’s events pass by without a comment.

After a fabulous Saturday evening in Glasgow with the Osmonds and friends, Sunday morning brought an opportunity to attend Church locally. The reverence in Sacrament meeting in the Springboig Ward was so lovely, and the talks were excellent. The members made us feel so welcome.

After having a few relaxing hours (actually, I took the time to make new lists and design the balloon labels for tomorrow! No rest for the wicked lol), we made our way to the Paisley Stake Centre for an Inspirational Evening or Fireside with the Osmonds.  There is a story of how it came to be held there but I will share that one another time. It did mean Paul and I enjoyed the Reception held for the family and it was so lovely to finally get the chance to hug Justin and Kristi!

The presentation they gave was wonderful and especially moving for many who were there.  As I was sat on the stand near the family with Tracey, I was able to observe the faces of those who were listening. What is wonderful about these special evenings, is that it is relaxed and uplifting, and you get a glimpse into the personal lives of the Osmond family. I am so looking forward to a similar evening at the Sheffield Stake this coming Sunday  If anyone would like more details about this event, please email me at It is especially suitable for those who are not of our faith.

We had to leave with the Osmonds straight after the Fireside because of the long trip home. They needed to follow us out of Glasgow because of a problem with their SatNav. I made Merrill laugh when I said ‘All these years I have been following the Osmonds, and now you are following me!’:-D  There is another great story  to  share as we started on our journey home, but you will have to wait for my book to read about that one 😉

It really was a long journey home, arriving back in Doncaster just after 2am. Such a wonderful day, and most memorable for lots of different reasons. Thank you to the people of Glasgow and Paisley for making us feel so so welcome.


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