Thursday 29th July 2016

You know it’s total madness when I’m writing my Blog after midnight because it’s simply the first minute I have had to do it all day!!  Here are some of the things I have been up to, in no particular order:

Sorted balloon tags (almost). (I need a sample for the Balloons Away guy tomorrow.)

Made a list of outfits needed for Saturday and Sunday  at Glasgow, and Evening with Friends and the Hearing Fund Gala next weekend in Leeds, plus the Sheffield Fireside on the Sunday. Bought two outfits and feeling rather smug…. one dress had been £99 and reduced to £19.99 … last one too!! 😉 Size 14. Fits perfectly. (I love Slimming World!)

Appointment to have my blood pressure checked at my Dr’s surgery. Result : normal!

Made a mammoth list of Things to Do before the Final Mile on Tuesday.

Sorted the violin Justin needs to borrow for the Sheffield Fireside.

Answered emails and Facebook messages and texts.

Made a list of sponsors to follow up with.

Organised help to promote the Osmond Fireside at Sheffield on Sunday 7th August.

Swam 60 lengths (I should have only swam 56 tonight but I just couldn’t stop myself haha)

Taught my swimming classes.

Called my daughter.

Two loads of washing and drying.

Hugged my husband for doing the ironing and putting it all away!! (I didn’t even need to ask him!)

Spoke to the Duty Manager to organise the order of events at the Final Mile.

Lost a Press release Word document after being told I had attached something completely unrelated, to the lovely Charlotte who is looking after all the PR.  After half an hour of looking, I gave up and rewrote it!

Updated my swimming mileage – it’s now at 247.9 miles ….. 2.1 miles to go! Yikes!

Went to Asda to pick up last week’s Doncaster Free Press with another Challenge write up in it…. I had called last night to have a copy put aside before this week’s edition replaced it. They couldn’t find it… it was gone. Oh dear.  I should have bought one sooner.

Found a craft punch on ebay to make 300 butterflies with for something I offered to do at the Hearing Fund Gala. (In my element… I love craft projects!)  I just need to find someone who would like to give me 100m of ribbon 😀  Wish me luck on that one… I need to find it quickly!

Wrote my list of things to do tomorrow…. it starts with a mile swim with the awesome Carl Lewis, Marketing Manager for DCLT, and 8 year old Grace who would like to swim a mile with me. That’s at 7.30am. Up at 6.30am. It’s now 1.08am. Oh dear! lol (Don’t worry… I plan to sleep for a month after this is over!!)

Must say a prayer and say thank you for all of this.

Crazy/amazing times.

Goodnight everyone xx




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