Friday 29th July 2016

Today I am writing this early, rather than in the early hours!! 🙂 Even though it’s just 10:30am, I think I have already experienced the highlight of my day!

With Carl and GraceAs planned, I was up and ready to have an early morning swim at Armthorpe pool. Carl Lewis, DCLT Marketing Manager, was coming to swim a mile with me, along with the awesome Grace Blair who is just 8 years old. Grace has to be seen to be believed!! Carl and I were so impressed by this little girl who also loves open water swims as she looks forward to taking part in a triathlon!! And she’s not even 9 yet!  She is proud of the fact that her furthest swimming distance is two miles. She has every right to be proud!  I have asked her Dad to keep me informed of her progress because this girl is going places. She has also managed to raise £30 in sponsorship for the Hearing Fund, with possibly more to come in.  If you feel impressed by Grace and would like to make a donation for her fantastic efforts this morning, the Just Giving page can be found at:  Thank you.

I tried really hard to to swim the 56 lengths that would keep me on target to complete the 250 miles on Tuesday morning.  I keep getting ahead of myself and my very specific distance plan. However I decided to swim an extra few lengths with Grace so she could finish her complete mile. (I haven’t counted those towards my total.) She made Carl and I laugh because when she came to her final two lengths, she had paced herself really carefully, and her final 50m was so fast, she left us wayyyy behind!! What a little star!

So, my current mileage stands at 248.8 miles. This leaves 1.2 miles to go. I am passing through Edinburgh on the map 😀

My funds raised so far is £6,421. If anyone would be willing to help me to get to £7,000 for The Hearing Fun UK in these last few days, I really would appreciate your help.  If you have thought about making a donation, please do it now. I am seeing Merrill and Justin Osmond in Glasgow tomorrow. I’m so looking forward to that!  My next Blog entry is likely to be on Monday morning, so please come back and see the pictures which will be taken.

Exciting times. Almost at the end now. Two final swims … one on Monday and the final one on Tuesday morning. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. och aye the noo bonny lassy!!
    You have just about done it my friend, cant wait to see you Monday and give you a massive hug.
    Keep strong and have a fantastic weekend getting filled up with blessings for the final length on Tuesday.

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  2. Good luck Linda, have a fabulous time in Glasgow, you deserve a medal for your achievement, but the satisfaction you must feel at completing this awesome swim will be enormous and so it should be, you are a star, take care xx😘😘

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