Wednesday 27th July 2106

Balloons Away logoWho would have ever thought there was such a thing as a correct technique to blowing up 250 helium balloons…. but apparently there is!! I had the pleasure of speaking to the lovely Ray who owns Balloons Away, this morning.  I had been wondering how on earth I am meant to manage blowing up that many for the Balloon Release on the Final Mile Day next Tuesday, and this man is an expert on the matter! 🙂 I have been invited down to be shown how best to do this on Friday, so once the balloon samples have arrived I will be popping over to the their unit  in Doncaster (excuse the pun! lol) where I will be given a crash course on the correct method!  I’m really looking forward to this.  It seems that having ribbon attached is not environmentally safe for animals out there in the fields, so even though a perishable tag will be attached, this will be fine. Prizes for the furthest balloons found are being arranged.  It would be amazing if any of you reading this, finds one! (Fat chance, I hear you say! lol …. but you never know! 😉 )

Arrow AugustThere have been two articles published in the last couple of days.  The first one is our local Arrow Magazine.  Obviously the information given by the publishing deadline means that the numbers are a little out of date.  Still, I appreciate the opportunity to have the updates included monthly for those who may be following my progress in the villages close to where I live.

The second article is found in my Church’s international magazine called the Ensign which was delivered through my letter box yesterday.  Each month they include a UK insert of news over here. I feel it a privilege to be part of my Church news pages.

Ensign Part 1 Aug 16Part 2 Ensign cropped

With just 3 miles of swimming to go, I have planned the final lengths to the metre.  On Friday I will have the pleasure of swimming with Carl Lewis, Marketing Manager for DCLT,  as well as a little girl who is 8, who would like to swim a mile with me too. I will look forward to that. In fact over the next 11 days, I have so much to look forward to!


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