Monday 25th July 2016

DCLT logoDCLT have done it again…. I had a crazy idea of a 250 helium balloon release after my Final Mile next Tuesday, and they simply could not have been more helpful!  I knew if they were OK to help me with this, the only hurdle would be to get it past Air Traffic Control Management at Doncaster Airport.  I certainly didn’t want to be responsible for causing any plane crashes because the pilots had to fly through a mass of floating orange rubber!! Seriously though, anything which is air borne must be reported to the local airport, and they have the authority to approve or turn down requests of this nature. Fortunately they approved! 🙂 🙂


Today I swam Mile 246 …. just 4 to go!!!

Finally I have been observing something quite interesting ….. as my money raised goes up, so do the Views to this Blog!! So here’s the thing … I have currently raised £6,313 and I have currently got 6,480 Views.  This is my Goal: By this time next week (Mon 1st August)…. the night before the final Mile…. I would love to reach £7,000 and 7,000 Views!!!  Please can you help spread the word.  I will share an update each day because I know how excited everyone is getting as I get closer to the end. It really surprises me how people seem to love to want to read what happens next!  My sister reminds me that as there is so much bad stuff going on out there in the world, people like a bit of good news for a change. Maybe she is right (she usually is! 🙂 ). Anyway! My final week has begun and I am excited to see what each day brings.

25 July countdown


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