Sunday 24th July 2016

As I head into my the final full week of the 250 mile Challenge, I need to share some events of a most memorable day yesterday.  Our last Bag Pack was at Asda. I was a little concerned that I had asked so many of my helpers to come to the previous bag packs, that I would struggle to find enough people help with the last one.  I should not have doubted for a second.  My family have always been willing to help and yet again several friends also came to the rescue, some having already helped before, and it was very successful.  We raised an impressive £560!!  A special thank you to the Asda customers who were so generous.

Having been at the store from 9am, we packed bags till 4.30pm.  We then quickly collected everything up, kindly thanked the Manager for allowing us to be there, and raced across town to Armthorpe Leisure Centre for 5pm where a Swim a Mile event was being held.  I need to give a special shout out to James who was the first positive response to my need for a Duty Manager at Armthorpe.  He was willing to keep the Centre open for the Swim a Mile, after he would usually be heading for home at 5pm when his shift ends.  He was assisted by the lovely Katie, the lifeguard, along with by the awesome Luke who stayed to help too. We could not have held this event without their support and by way of showing how grateful I am, an edible thank you in the shape of cupcakes will be in order 🙂

As I stepped into the Reception, I was touched by how many people had come.  We wanted to set up the upright posters on the poolside which we had used at Asda, so everyone headed into the changing area and I headed to the Pool.  Just as I was about to enter the pool hall area, I stopped to remove my outdoor shoes and as I did so, I caught a glimpse of someone who was standing waiting to go in.  My fleeting thought was ‘He looks just like our Peter!’ (my brother from Newcastle).  As I stood up, he stepped forward and said ‘I’ve come to Swim a Mile with you!!’ It was at that moment I realised it WAS Peter and he had Swim a mile Petercome all that way to support me!!!! I was so overwhelmed I hugged him and cried!  I was so touched he would do that for me. I couldn’t stop smiling!! I come from an amazing family, and whilst I miss my parents terribly at such a special time like this, my brother reminded me again of how blessed I am to have such a positive influence in my life.


Along with my lovely brother there were several other people who came who are very important to me.  DCLT Chief Exec Michael Hart introduced himself, followed by the lovely Bobbie Roberts who is head of Trustees at The Deaf School in Doncaster.  I was so touched that they would think that what I am doing is important enough to support this in such a personal way. I really am humbled by that.  Also what meant so much was there were the following lovely people there:

Swim a Mile group

Chris – a nurse from my GP’s surgery who kept an eye on me when I had those serious kidney problems two years ago, which led to my significant weight loss.

Linda – an old colleague of mine. She was one of the first teachers I worked alongside when I first became a swimming teacher.

Jean – a friend from Slimming World who swam her first ever mile yesterday.

Nathan – a lovely chap who has increased his fitness so much in the past month to be ready for this.

John – he had come all the way from Sheffield with his lovely wife.  John is on what we call the Sheffield Stake Presidency in our Church and they oversee the welfare of Church members which includes Doncaster.

Chris – a Duty Manager from Rossington Leisure Centre who simply wanted to offer support.

Lee – an old manager of mine from years ago.

Brenda – my special friend from Slimming World who has supported almost every Bag pack we have had, and came straight from Asda with us to swim.

I hope you can see why I was blown away with this kind of support. Having my brother there was simply the icing on the cake. I swam his last few lengths with him and he kept telling me how proud he was of me.  Peter and I don’t get to see each other very often so you can imagine how him being there made me feel.  It would have been such a special mile to swim anyway, but sharing it with so many awesome people made it an occasion I will never forget.  We raised almost £40 from this event, with almost £500 coming in sponsorship once it has been collected!!

The current total miles is now 445 …. only 5 miles to go!

The fundraised amount so far is £6,263!! If all the promised money comes in, we may even get up to £7,000!!!!

As I head into the final week (my last day is Tuesday 2nd August), I have a prayer in my heart that every single person who has helped in some way, will realise what a difference they have made. Thank you so much.

More about the Final Mile soon …. not long to go now!!


  1. Oh my goodness this has left me in tears, what an amazing time you have had today, well done to you all especially Peter what a little star, nearly there now and the last mile you do for this fundraiser should end with a big brass band!!!!



  2. Maybe not a brass band, but I am hoping it will end with a 250 balloon release Pat! 😀 (Still working on it!) xx And thank you… I didn’t mean to make you cry, but it really was a tearful moment for me too! xx



  3. I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to make it to the bag pack I’m so very disappointed to a) let you down when I said I’d be there b) missed out on such a special day. I can’t tell you how proud I am of you Linda. I could burst & never tire of telling people about you & your amazing challenge. Xx



    1. Sue, you really don’t need to apologise because these things happen. You have inspired me from the day I walked through those doors at Slimming World two years ago and have helped me to become a better me. None of this would have happened if it hadn’t been for what you did, and the encouragement you gave, and continue to give to me, and to many many others. I never tire of telling people how amazing you are too! 😀 xx



  4. You should be so proud of yourself. I have enjoyed reading your progress Blessings to you. See you on August 7th at Sheffield. Xx ps l still need to make A donation will do this week if I can x



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