Friday 22nd July 2016

Another full on and exciting day.  I spent all of it either swimming another mile, or preparing for the last week of my Challenge, or getting ready for a very busy day tomorrow. As always, my amazing husband took care of things at home to help me do what I had to do.  (He deserves a medal, that man!! 🙂 )

Anyway, just a quick post tonight with the countdown. Tomorrow will bring help at the Bag Pack from 20 lovely people, including Tracey who runs The Hearing Fund UK.  She is coming all the way from Leeds to lend a hand… how kind is that?!  If anyone is near Asda Superstore (near the Dome) in Doncaster, please come and say hello. This is our last Bag Pack before the end of my Challenge and I would love it if the amount raised takes us over the £6,000 target!

Following the Bag Pack there will be a mad dash across town to my pool at Armthorpe Leisure Centre.  At 5pm we have some very special visitors joining me in our Swim a Mile event. I am quite sure that this mile will be slower than average for me, but it will be completed and I will love every minute of it. More about this tomorrow, with photos. I’m really looking forward to this!

Currently the countdown shows as follows:

22 July

And the fundraising total so far, looks like this: 🙂 🙂 🙂

22 July

If | don’t post again till Sunday, it’s because I temporarily died from exhaustion hahaha



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