Thursday 21st July 2016

This is an  unusual entry in that I am handing over today’s post to the lovely Kathy O’Connell, from Shropshire, whom I’ve never met (yet!).  Kathy contacted me last month and asked if she could support my efforts to fundraise.  I sent her a Challenge t-shirt and let her do what she felt she could.  She will know how much money she has been able to raise by next week. Here are Kathy’s comments in her own words:

Kathy O'Connell

Hi everyone, I’m pretty sure I will have met most of you at some stage over the last 45 years!!! Or at least shared a concert venue !!!
I am a bit of a swimmer; should’ve been born a mermaid I reckon! So when the amazing Linda Carlo asked me to swim a mile with her on this incredible fundraising adventure of hers I wanted to help!
In normal life, I am a nurse in a Hospice;  but in my spare time I swim as often as I can. As luck would have it, in our little Shropshire village we have a fab outdoor pool!!! So that’s where I headed to help support The Hearing Fund UK. Why? An inspirational young man I first met at the very first Hearing Fund Gala in 2012, Matthew English. I just cannot imagine how difficult and isolating a hearing impairment must be, yet there he was, playing the violin!!! Amazing!!!! Such dedication to learning a musical instrument despite the huge obstacle of hearing impairment. I’ve followed his progress and that of other kids achieving great things ever since, so I wanted to give a ‘swim with Linda’ a shot!!
I have Type 2 diabetes which can be a challenge; even for an ex diabetes specialist nurse!!! We don’t hold all the answers! ! But swimming is a fab way to drop a dress size or two!! And increase fitness so I had that motivation also!!
Soooo glad I took the challenge. Thanks Matthew for your inspiration,  and if anyone wants to make a donation to Linda incredible total then please please dig deep and let’s see how many more kids can achieve their goals, and how many more projects The Hearing Fund can support to bring music to so many more ears!!!
Thanks for reading and supporting and I will see you around!!!

Thanks Kathy!  You are a star and I really do appreciate your offer to swim a mile (or two!). I bet it’s been amazing to swim in an outdoor pool during our heatwave this week!


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