Wednesday 20th July 2016

I LOVED my swim this morning! Mile No. 242. Just under eight miles to go!!  After such a humid night last night, it was lovely to swim through the cool water at 7.30am this morning.  (Mind you, half of Armthorpe thought it was a good idea too haha.)

A quieter day today making phone calls and sending emails because my car was in for it’s MOT and service and I had to stay at home for once. I got lots done though, but have an even longer Things to Do list for tomorrow.  I must really really go to sleep sooner than last night. 5.5 hours really isn’t long enough, especially when it’s becoming a bit of a habit.

Finally, with thanks for a prompt from my sister because I haven’t mentioned this for a little while, my current total raised for The Hearing Fund UK at this moment in time is ….

total 20 July

It hasn’t been easy to get this far but I have been driven by the thought that these young deaf children will benefit, and that makes it all so worthwhile.  Once this part of the journey ends at 250 miles, I will be excited to follow the progress of individual children who will enjoy new opportunities because of the great work that The Hearing Fund does. It really is exciting to know this money will make a real difference and I am extremely thankful for all those who have contributed in some way.

If you would like to help me reach the £6,000 target as I come towards the end of these unforgettable 12 months, please give what you can on my Just Giving page.  Thank you so much.


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