Tuesday 19th July 2016

What a hot day!! My car informed me that it was 37c out there this afternoon! It had to be a day when I have been running around trying to fit as much in as possible.  I was so busy I didn’t get back in time for Slimming World, so that shows how crazy it’s been. (I never miss SW!)

ThorntonsI have met some very kind people today.  Firstly I have to mention Andrew who is the Manager at Thornton’s in Doncaster. What a nice guy!! Rather than say why he was so helpful, I will show you the pictures once everything is in place. Not only did he say I could have what I was hoping for, he wanted to give me more stuff too!! You can’t get more generous than that!  I will mention one word though…. chocolate!! 🙂 Can you imagine what would happen to chocolate in 37c??? Haha! Andrew is kindly offering to keep it stored in his Cold Room till I need it. (I never knew that Thorntons had a cold store room but of course, it really does make sense!)

Other very nice people I met for the first time today include the Manager at The Dome (Hello Amanda! Were you really seriously suggesting my next challenge should be ice skating lessons??!!?? lol) , the receptionist at Edlington Leisure Centre (Hiya Lauren!) and Dearne Valley Leisure Centre.  Each Centre now have The Hearing Fund UK collection cans in place, with details for everyone to come along to Armthorpe Leisure Centre at 5pm on Saturday for a Swim a Mile with me event. Cost: a fiver in the Hearing Fund bucket 🙂 Please let me know if you would like to join in so we can monitor numbers at lindacarlo@outlook.com. Thank you. It would be great to see you there.

On the subject of numbers, I was excited to realise that the Blog views have gone over 6,000 today!! It was only two weeks ago today I was wondering if we could reach 5,000! I have had some very interesting countries visit since last time too. Check this out:

19  July

19 July 2

19 JUly 3


Statistics 19 July

Today’s total Views and Visitors


Thank you to EVERYONE who has shown interest!  I have been asked several times recently if I will continue writing after my Challenge has ended. I believe I will, yes. I am currently working on my next plan. 🙂

Finally, the countdown before I post this at 12:35am!  Not far to go now. Less than 9 miles. (I have an early morning swim tomorrow…. it is likely to be a slowwww one 🙂 )  Goodnight World. xx

19 July.JPG



One Comment

  1. Where do you get your energy? I want some! Can’t believe you are so close to achieving this mammoth challenge and it’s getting even more exciting every day! You are full of surprises Linda! xxxx



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