Friday 15th July 2016

Really tired today. It’s been a long and exciting week, but the closer I get to the end of the Challenge, the more I wish I had extra time to do more fundraising!  Just 12 swimming days left.

Along with my 60 lengths of the pool, which takes me just to less than 11 miles left, I had a great one to one lesson with a lovely lady who is new this morning.  There is great job satisfaction from seeing someone begin a lesson feeling terrified, to having them swim 10 metres on their back, unsupported, by the end of their 30 minutes. One happy customer….One happy teacher 🙂

Jill's certificate.jpg

I thought I would share a little something I got for Jill today, after last night’s success when she swam her first length.  I feel very strongly that progress should be recognised.  (At Slimming World we were awarded certificates and stickers for each half stone loss.) It’s great to have something tangible which reminds you of the great progress made, and spurs you on to aim further.

The rest of the day was spent mostly preparing for tomorrow’s bag pack  at Tesco Extra in Balby Doncaster.  It’s been a huge challenge finding a team to help, but as ever, friends and family have pulled out all the stops to be there when I needed them most.  Thank you so much everyone… it will be a long day but I am quite certain it will be well worth it.

For those who view this page from being a leaflet at Tesco tomorrow, thank you for taking the time to look. I hope you enjoy reading the story.

As a reminder for those who would like to make a donation, my JustGiving page is found at  Thank you so much for your support.

Today’s countdown: (yikes! 🙂 )

15 July countdown

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