Thursday 14th July 2016

Jill Lowe.JPGWhat a memorable day! It will certainly be a day that the lovely Jill Lowe will never forget.  I have been teaching Jill to swim for about 4 years, and tonight she achieved something she often wondered if she would ever be able to do… she swam her first ever 25 metres!! She raised over £70 for The Hearing Fund UK as well and I am so so proud of her.  There are several times she could have given up because she felt her progress was slow.  However, I have the utmost admiration for her – she is a great example to us all when it comes to never giving up.  I know she was elated to complete her length tonight, and many felt her joy, especially me.  She got the biggest cheer I have ever heard in any of my classes.  Everyone was supporting and encouraging her all of the way.  What a great night!!  Well done Jill!  Fantastic achievement!

IFree press logo came home from my classes to find a few Facebook friends had posted the newspaper article published online on the Doncaster Free Press page.  I have no idea how they found it, because even with a search for the link, I couldn’t see it.  Ah well, thanks to those who shared it.  It can be found at

Had a really busy day making contact with the Leisure Centres around the Borough. Posters, leaflets and collection cans have gone out to over half of the places on my list.  Everyone is so helpful!  I am encouraging everyone to come and swim a mile with me on Saturday 23rd July at 5pm.  If you would like more information, please email me at  It would be great to see you.

I mentioned fundraiser Nathan yesterday… his total so far has gone up to an amazing £180!!!  Apparently he came for a swim tonight whilst I had the adult lessons at the pool, but it seems I was a little busy teaching for him to feel he could come and say hello.  I haven’t met him yet, but I look forward to being able to do that soon.  He swam his first mile tonight, so again, some massive personal challenges being achieved. Brilliant stuff!Deaf school logo

Bobby Roberts




I also spoke to the wonderful Bobby Roberts at the Doncaster Deaf Trust today.  I am so impressed by this lady and her ability to make such a difference for good.  Interestingly my sister pointed out that
on the Free Press page there is an article about her as well.   It’s great to read about the funding they have received to improve their sports facilities.Do click on the link to the Deaf Trust website which is shown at the end of the article. It’s also wonderful to see some of the amazing work that goes on within the school for the deaf students.

Tomorrow is a new day where I have lots of things planned. I am teaching a lady her first one to one swimming lesson in the morning, followed by tomorrow’s mile swim. I also have a cake order for a very special young man… I will mention him in tomorrow’s post. Then tomorrow night is date night where Paul and I are off to the cinema.  We don’t go very often but we enjoy it when we do.   I just hope I don’t fall asleep half way through… haha.

Finally, today’s countdown:

14 July countdown





  1. Thankyou for mentioning Jill she is a shining example of it’s never to old to swim , she had a fear of water and was determined to beat it and through work and determination completed her first full length which to some is no great achievement but believe you me she has every right to be proud. So to that woman that comes from the posh part of barnby dun well done you xxxxxxxx

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