Wednesday 13th July 2016

Well, as promised on my Facebook page this afternoon: ‘Made front page news today ….. along with denture repairs and airport adverts!! Lol’ Here is the article:

Doncaster Gazette 13 July

See what I mean?? 🙂 🙂   Unfortunately if I try an enlarge the article to make it possible to read, the quality disappears.  However, if it interests you more than the denture repairs and the flights, 🙂 🙂 , please take a look at:

It made me smile.  Front page news indeed. (The picture is taken when my lovely friend Ann came from Durham last week to swim a mile with me.)

I have three other things to share tonight….

  1. I have just gone over my £5,000 target, thanks to the lovely Brenda Ditchburn who raised a massive £221 when she swam a mile with me a couple of weeks ago!  Go Brenda!! She has been a fantastic support throughout my challenge and I am so very grateful for ALL that she has done.  There are some very special people who have been 100% positive about my efforts since I began all of this, and this lovely lady has been one of them. She is an absolute treasure!

New Target: £6,000!!!

2. The article mentions the Swim a Mile event on Saturday 23rd July at 5:00pm till 6pm at Armthorpe Leisure Centre.  This is taking place after the Pool usually closes for the day, so I am hoping that lots of people will take the opportunity to help raise a few pounds for The Hearing Fund that night.  There are two options – One is to just come along and swim a mile – or as far as you can – and make a £5 donation when you arrive. Or two, If you would like to ask for a few sponsors to encourage you, I have an official sponsor form which I can send you.  Please email me at to register your interest.  One young man did just that this morning, and by lunch time he had £100 worth of sponsors!!! Incredible! (Thank you Nathan!)

3.There is some concern about the JustGiving page being closed. There IS one open and can be found at

The reason why there may be some confusion is that my first JustGiving page could only remain open for 110 days, according to JG rules.  This was for the original target of £2,500.  This page shows as Closed now. I was £750 short of that goal when I opened the second page (using the same link as the first) and this is the one to make a donation if you would like to give something. Thank you!!

To close this today, I have decided to do a count down to the final mile because it really isn’t very far to go now. The count down will appear daily and will either make me excited ….or make me sad because I don’t really want it come to an end!! 😀 xx

13 July countdown





  1. If anyone that reads this blog has never met Linda then I can tell you she is a genuine caring person with a personality to match , only problem is she’s a Geordie so I can never understand a word she says lol, well done Linda Carlo on your challenge both hearing fund and weight wise your amazing X



    1. Hahaha Dennis … my life would be quite dull without you being around to tease the heck out of me!! I must remember to get you a ‘Larn yersell Geordie’ book next time I’m in Newcastle!!! :p



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