Thursday 7th July 2016

Feeling tiredness on a new level today, but it’s my own fault!  I just need to remember to eat properly. Oh and get to bed before 1:00am … ha!  (Too much to do, and not enough hours in the day!)

I had a lovely email from Justin Osmond again this afternoon … hello dear friend! (I have told him he mustn’t miss today’s post because of some special things I’m about to share.)

Armthorpe Parish councilThe day began yesterday with a special swimming session at Armthorpe Leisure Centre, with some members of Armthorpe Parish Council, led by the awesome Carl Hughes. We had the pool to ourselves and oh, it felt great to swim with these lovely local people. Many swam further than they have ever done before and I was so impressed by that. One or two even stayed to do an hour’s aquafit with Sam  afterwards, and I really don’t know how they had the energy!  Well done ladies… and Carl! 😀  The amount raised, with a very kind donation from the Parish Council, and from friends and family of those who took part, plus contributions from the local keep fit group, came to an amazing £206!!!   Incredible!  Thank you SO much for all you did everyone. I hope you can pop down when the Challenge comes to an end on Tues 2nd August.  It was so nice to meet you all. x

Owen McGarry.jpgThis brings me nicely on to another mile swim which took place at the pool yesterday afternoon.  As I had already arranged to look after my five grandchildren for a few hours, I was unable to be there. However, I am thrilled to tell you that a lovely 8 year old Armthorpe boy, by the name of Owen McGarry, swam a complete mile to support my swimming challenge.  What an absolute star!! Not only that, he has raised a fantastic amount of sponsorship ….. £110 !!!  You are awesome Owen and I am working on a special way to say thank you to you personally 🙂 I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to see you yesterday but I will make it up to you. Well done!!



The fundraising really is reaching far beyond my expectations.  I must also mention the lovely Gail who took part in the Slimming World mile swim last Friday.  She handed me £216 worth of sponsorship for her swim tonight!!! Considering she had never swum a mile before, I think this is wonderful!  I am really overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of people, who simply want to support the deaf children who benefit from The Hearing Fund UK, and also aim for such high personal challenges in trying to swim further than they ever have been able to before.  It is an absolute honour to know you Gail (and to be your swimming teacher too!) 🙂



Justin Osmond

So Justin, can you see why I needed to you to read this?  Aren’t these people just so inspirational??? 🙂 xx


Finally, an update on the fundraising and distance….. so close now. Only 26  days left….

Money raised 7 July  Distance 7 July 16

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  1. Yes Justin I hope you are reading Lindas blog, she is one in a million Northern lass, we love her to bits!!!



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