Tuesday 5th July 2016 – Entry No. 100!

Well this is interesting (to me, at least … ha!)  This is my 100th Blog entry since I began posting on here in February.  What I would love to do is reach my 5,000 views milestone by the end of today …. please can you help by sharing this link?  I am raising the profile of The Hearing Fund UK and my pages will explain a little more about how I became involved in such a great cause.

If you are reading this as a new visitor… welcome!  I am almost at the end of my 250 mile swimming Challenge, with just 19 miles to go by 2nd August, but the full story can be found by looking at previous pages, plus the static pages also shown.

To reach the amazing 5,000 views I need to find just 70 people to click on here by the end of today.  This is fairly easy when I see how many views I have had in the past week.  I don’t take anything for granted though, so please share if you would like to help.

I would also like to ask if anyone has any friends/relatives in Greenland, or the South American or African continent?!  Each country which has had someone visit this Blog shows up in yellow.  I would love to light up the world with The Hearing Fund UK, and have just one calendar month left to do it! If you know anyone else in unusual places on the map, please invite them to join us!!

world visits July 5th

Current distance completed today: 231 miles

Number of swimming days left: 20 (One calendar month to go till 2nd August when I’ll swim my final mile.)

Current money raised: £4,086!! (New target £5,000) 🙂 🙂

Loads more fundraising activities taking place!!

My Just Giving page can be found at:


Thank you for your support, everyone.




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