Monday 4th July 2016

Ann CapstickWhat a fabulous day.  My friend Ann, along with her husband and daughter, came to visit all the way from Durham. She wanted to come and swim a mile with me, and what a privilege that was! I am especially amazed that this was her second mile within 24 hours…. she swam the same distance at her local pool last night!

Ann and I go back a long way…. back to the ‘Osmonds for Newcastle’ days in the 70’s!  Isn’t it interesting that with some friends, even if you haven’t seen them for years (in our case, decades!), that you can connect in the same way as if you had seen each other just a couple of weeks ago?!  After our swim, it was lovely to take some time to reminisce, and whilst my original plan had been to show them part of Doncaster, we ran out of time! (Too busy catching up!)

Thank you Ann, Michael and Jo.  Please let’s do it again soon!

Other fantastic news tonight is that the fundraising total has just gone over the £4,000 mark!!! I wonder if it’s at all possible to hope to reach £5,000 by 2nd August when I swim the final mile. (Mile 230 swam with Ann today …. only 20 left to go!)

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