Saturday 2nd July 2016

Logo for Armthorpe swimming club

Lifesaving group
As promised, here is a photo taken after our swim last night, with the Lifesaving section of Armthorpe Kingfishers Swimming Club.  What a great group of young people, led by Ian and Steve! Swimming with them last night was a privilege.  One young girl was particularly interested in how many miles I had swum already, and and wanted to know how many miles I had needed to swim each week.  Another boy stood out to me, not because he is the tallest in the picture, and not because he shared a lane with me, but because of how flippin’ fast he was!! Haha.  I swam 54 lengths in the time we had in the water, and he managed to complete 100!!  Ian totalled up the amount of lengths we all swam together and it came to 732 …. which equals 11.4 miles! Well done everyone!  Thank you SO much for your support. And again, thank you to Armthorpe Swimming Club for their very generous donation.

Take a look at their website which can be found at


After a great sleep I was back in the water early this morning for another mile …. Number 229 completed.

And finally….. a record has been broken on my Blog today!!  Back in February I had 161 views and it has been showing as my Best Viewed Day so far. Today I passed that … I have a feeling that Louis Tomlinson from last night’s post may have had something to do with that…. lol ….thanks Louis 😀 😀

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