Tuesday 28th June 2016

I had a great day in the pool at Armthorpe Leisure Centre today … over 2.5 miles completed in two sessions, which is 32 lengths more than I had planned.  Here is another peek into my Distance tracking spreadsheet which I update after each swim.

Spreadsheet distance 28 June

This shows I have almost 71 lengths to swim each time.  However, as I intend to swim 9 miles this week, instead of 5, this will bring the average daily distance down quickly because there are so few swims left. It’s getting exciting!  I have no idea what I am going to follow this all with… I will need to do something physically strenuous to help maintain my weight loss and fitness. Any suggestions on a postcard please! 😀

Revised Fireside posterThe other part of my post tonight is to share something with you which I mentioned last night.  The posters are now going out for ‘An Inspirational Evening with the Osmonds’ in Sheffield on Sunday 7th August.  I belong to the same Church as the Osmond family (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and when they accepted my invitation to come to our area, I was thrilled. I became a member of the Church exactly 40 years ago, and for as long as I remember, my wish has been to help host an inspirational evening with the Osmond family like this. It is particularly suitable to those who aren’t members of our faith, who would enjoy an insight into what makes the Osmonds who they are. It will include music and personal, uplifting stories from the family, and it will be a really special evening for all those who can come.

If you would like further details, please email me at lindacarlo@outlook.com. You will be made very welcome!




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