Monday 27th June 2016

There is so much happening behind the scenes now that there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to complete my daily lists of Things to Do. (I can’t manage without lists and I’m often found wandering around with a clipboard when it’s this busy!!)

Today was so full of important things I didn’t even have time to swim! Imagine that! Sometimes you just have to prioritise though, and it just so happened to be the day my 11 year old grandson came to stay.  We went shopping at Meadowhall (amongst other things) and we had a blast.

The first thing to make sure I do tomorrow though: a one mile swim at 6.45am and another one at Noon.

Many of you will know that on Saturday I had a fab day at Leeds, with my dear friend Carol.  We had gone to see Merrill Osmond perform his Rock Show there, with a Meet and Greet before the show, which included meeting the lovely Darren Day too. He was kind enough to change into one of my  t-shirts (!), which he then signed for a later auction.

Carol and Merrill Leeds 2016  Linda and Darren Day at Leeds Me and Merrill Leeds 25 June 16

Luke Johnson


We also had the great pleasure of meeting the lovely Luke Johnson, with his Mum and his Grandma. Ten year old Luke is one of the deaf children benefiting from The Hearing Fund UK and I really do look forward to closely watching the progress he makes with his music. It was great to meet you Luke!




It won’t be long before Merrill returns to the UK for the special Hearing Fund Gala week.  I just mentioned to Justin today that it’s 33 days till I see him and his Dad next. This leaves 36 days to swim the 30 miles left for my Challenge.  (I had better get a move on!!) Fortunately each mile is carefully planned, so I am still on target for it to end on Tuesday 2nd August.

Tomorrow I plan to share a very special event which will be happening on Sunday 7th August. Everyone will be invited to come! It will be a lovely way to end The Hearing Fund Gala week once my swim has finished, so more news on this next time.




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