Friday 24th June 2016

Another bag pack… this time at Morrison’s Balby.  After a few hitches/disappointments, the day got much better as it progressed.  I am truly grateful to ALL who helped today, including my 11 year old grandson Josh 😀  June 24 amount

This means it’s time to aim higher again …. I’ve raised the target to £4,500. With one more Bag Pack to come, and a few sponsored swims, I am really hoping to reach this total by the end of July.

24 JUne percentage

I met some lovely people today, who were genuinely interested in my swim and The Hearing Fund UK.  I thank you for your interest, especially if the leaflet has led you to visit this blog for the first time.

I’m signing off for the night feeling very tired after being on my feet for 9 hours, but so grateful for the support of so many today. I honestly couldn’t have done this without you!  I can now look forward to a special day tomorrow with my dear friend Carol or ‘Friend Up North’ as she calls herself on her comments on here. 😉 We are off to Leeds to see the one and only Merrill Osmond perform, with a Meet and Greet and an Afternoon Tea thrown in for good measure! Bring it on!


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