Thursday 23rd June 2016

Another whirlwind of a day, rushing from one thing to the next.  I was so busy I forgot to have my lunch!! Anyway, amidst all this there was one moment that really made me smile.

As I was trying to swim a fast mile at lunch time, there were so many people in the water, it was impossible to swim as quickly as I would have liked. There are some regulars there who always say hello if I pause for long enough. One man, who always is really pleasant and cheerful, stopped at the deep end just as I was coming up beside him.  As I turned to push off from the wall, he patted me on my shoulder a couple of times as I went under the water, as if to say ‘You keep going, girl!’ 😀  As I came up to the surface from my push and glide, several feet into my next length, I held my right hand up without glancing back, with my thumb up as if to say ‘Thank you!’ and I could hear him laugh at my quick response to his non spoken encouragement.

It doesn’t take much to make a difference, and today this friend in the pool, whose name I don’t even know, made a real difference to me! Thank you! 🙂

Current miles completed: 219

Miles left to swim: 31


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