Wednesday 22nd June 2016

OK, I know yesterday was worth remembering but today… oh boy! 🙂 🙂 I had been told that Merrill Osmond was going to call me this morning but before he was scheduled to ring, I HAD to swim my first mile of the week at an early morning swim.  I was beginning to get concerned about getting behind, and as the past two days have been incredibly busy, I had to prioritise and make sure that the pool was where I needed to be at 7am.

The swim was hard work.  Just taking a couple of days off can make a real difference to how able you feel to swim as far.  I must say that the task to swim is becoming harder.  It’s possibly because I am spending so many hours a day working on the fundraising too.  I only have 6 weeks left and I feel like I’m using every ounce of energy to make the most of this amazing opportunity. I am still really passionate about what I’m doing, and my body is trying to keep up with me haha  Anyway, I did complete 76 lengths… almost 1.25 miles.  My current total is 217.5 miles which leaves 32.5 left to swim.  I have 2.5 miles planned for tomorrow which will get me back on target again.

I had a busy day scheduled with organising poster drops, setting up a plan for the Bag Pack on Friday, contacting Doncaster Town Centre and Markets about the fundraising day, follow up emails and calls, visiting a 91 year old lady from Church and tonight giving a presentation at the Mansfield Ward with the lovely Wendy Gore, about setting goals. In between all of that was a lovely phone call from Merrill! He said so many special things.  It meant so much that in the middle of all my ‘busy’-ness, I could press Pause for a  while and enjoy connecting with the dear person that he is.  He has such a kind heart and I was touched he would take time out of his rehearsal to speak to me. Another very very special memory.  Thank you Merrill. xx


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