Thursday 16 June 2016

Bowker 1

Today I thought I would do something a little different.  I would like to use my blog to introduce you to the Bowker family. They are a very talented musical family who live in Doncaster and I’m proud to know them.  They are very well known in our town, and their fame is spreading!

About 3 years ago, 15 year old Max Bowker recorded a song, which to this day, if I hear the title, I can hear Max singing it in my head!  Let me share the link and you may understand why.


Fast forward three years, and Max is about to celebrate his 18th birthday tomorrow!

From their official website at  we can read:

The Bowkers are a leading vocal harmony family group. With Justine and her brothers Lukas and Max together with their father Jason. They love to perform many genres of music and will transport you back to the golden era of swing with their classic vocals and harmonies, slick fashion and quick wit. Or to The Royal Opera House and the West End theatres with their renditions of popular show tunes and arias. And for those who want to let their hair down and dance all night they will deliver Soul, Motown and pop classics all night long.

Last year Max and his Dad Jason had a wonderful opportunity to sing during Prime time TV on BBC1 ‘s ‘Frank Sinatra Our Way’:

The Bowkers have a Facebook page where a promotional video can be found,  They take every opportunity to raise money for local charities, and they are an absolute credit to our town.

Max 5


Finally, a special 18th birthday wish for the gorgeous Max for tomorrow.  Have a great day young man …. your future is bright before you and I for one, am following your road to success very closely.


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