Wednesday 15th June 2016

215 miles

An early morning swim this morning, and oh, was I tired when I woke up at 6am!  I decided I would still swim, with the intention of just doing a nice gentle mile and then I laughed at myself because I don’t do ‘gentle’ miles!! I just can’t help myself haha! 76 lengths completed in just under an hour.  I was happy with that considering how tired I am today.



Anyway, after the crazy day yesterday, today is a little quieter.  I would like to firstly give a shout out to all those friends at my Church who have responded positively to my urgent plea for help at Friday’s bag pack at Tesco Extra. I also want to thank those at Slimming World who are coming to the rescue too. There is one lovely lady there who immediately called her friend to have her come and join in as well!  What an angel! This same lady is also going to swim a mile with me and is collecting sponsors for her swim. She is a real treasure and this kind of support is extremely valuable. If anyone has a spare couple of hours this Friday at Tesco Extra, especially over lunch time, please let me know. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

If you belong to Slimming World and you live in Doncaster, we have a free Swim with me event happening on Friday 1st July at Armthorpe in support of the 250 mile Challenge.  There is a special Facebook page ‘SW Exclusive Swim‘ to register your interest so please let me or Sue Denton know if you would like to go.


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