Monday 13th June 2016

Tesco logoHave you ever said Yes to something and wondered afterwards how on earth you can do it? Haha, that is so me at the moment!  Especially today.  I called the lady who organises the fundraising at Tesco Extra in Balby, Doncaster to ask if I could still do a Bag Pack there for the Hearing Fund.  She remembered me because of my 250 mile Swimming Challenge. Well, after a little discussion about where they could possibly fit me in, I now have two dates …. one of them is THIS FRIDAY!!!  I felt in somewhat of a daze when I put the phone down, thinking how can I find 20+ people to help in such a short time.  However, that familiar calm feeling came over me that helped me to know this was exactly the right thing to have said yes to, and that some how, some way, this will all come together as it is meant to.  I am so very grateful to Kayleigh at Tesco Extra.  The funds raised from this opportunity will make a massive difference to the deaf children and their families.  I am now in the process of  making lots of calls to people I know who might be able to help.  If you read this and feel like you can spare a couple of hours on Friday, please get in touch. My email is  THANK YOU!

Blog visits 13 June

An exciting statistic I discovered today is that Visits to this Blog have just gone over the 3,800 mark!! The Visitor number shows how many different people have looked at these pages.  I am in awe of how many folks around the world would be interested in something that has come from an unknown swimming teacher living in a small village in Doncaster, wanting to swim 250 miles for something she feels passionate about 🙂  Please keep sharing my link though, because the more we raise the profile of the Hearing Fund UK, the better it is for the deaf children who will benefit. I would love to reach the 4,000 Views mark by the end of June if that’s possible, so please feel free to share the link if you would like to help me do this. If anyone knows of any group pages on Facebook who might be interested, please share on there too. Thanks everyone.

Support is coming from all across the world. Today, my lovely friend Carole, who is on holiday in Gran Canaria, got talking to a lady over there who is also on holiday.  When she heard about my swim, she made a really generous donation on my Just Giving page.  How amazing is that?!  It also happened last night at a Church meeting, where a friend handed me £10 from another friend who wanted to help. Over and over again, I am being given donations to the Hearing Fund from people I don’t even know and that really does amaze me and means so much. Thank you to EVERYONE who is supporting these efforts to raise as much money as possible.

It is such an exciting time.  I have just 50 days left before my final mile swim with Justin Osmond at Armthorpe Leisure Centre. Now that I have raised the target to £3,500, it looks like this:

13 June Fundraising total

And my distance completed so far looks like this:

13 June

As the Challenge enters the last few miles (even though 39 miles is still a way to go …. it’s the same distance as Doncaster to Nottingham!), if you would like to make a donation to The Hearing Fund UK, I would be very grateful. Thank you.

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