Thursday 9th June 2016

OK, some of the posters and leaflets are now up at Armthorpe Leisure Centre, so if you are visiting this blog for the first time after seeing those, welcome!  If you are interested in swimming with me over the next two months, please contact me at my email address and I’d be happy to tell you more!!  It really is OK if you feel you can’t swim a full mile.  You also don’t need to swim fast.  There are lots of people taking part who have limited ability or can swim at varying speeds.  I learned today that one very special lady, who has been having swimming lessons for quite a while, is going to attempt to swim one full length for the very first time! What an inspiration!  I’m sure I will cry when she manages it because I know how hard she has had to work to overcome her fear. I am so looking forward to that day!

Bubble and SPlash logoI had a lovely visit from Roxana who runs the Bubble and Splash Swim School this afternoon.  It was Roxana who ran the Forever Living event on Facebook which raised another £12 for the Hearing Fund so thank you for that!

Roxana has also kindly offered to run a sponsored swim for the Hearing Fund UK at her pool, with the children who attend classes there, and this will be held during the last week of June.  I am excited about going to see the children take part, and will be interested to see how she runs her school.

It’s Thursday today, so like last week, I had three swims today! Once at lunch time, once before my adult classes started, and a quick 36 length swim after they ended. This brings me nicely to exactly 210 miles…. 40 miles to go! I can see the finishing line in the very far distance!! …. Well, almost 😀

Finally, if you would like to make a donation to the Hearing Fund UK, rather than swim with me, my Just Giving page can be found at  Thank you so much.






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