Tuesday 7th June 2016

Just had the best news everrrrrr!!! Unfortunately I can’t share it yet though! I’m sorry! It’s like I want to share things and I have all the excitement going on at my end, yet I can’t say anything until it’s been confirmed. Sighhhhh !! Seriously, I promise to share it on here as soon as I can. You will be amazed, because I know I am!! 😀

Time to aim higher


Two pieces of news I CAN tell you about is that now that we have just passed the fundraising target of £2,500 this past weekend, I have raised it to £3,500.  With only 8 weeks left, I know it would incredible to reach this milestone, but it IS possible! (Anything is possible with the right spirit 😀 )  I have lots of exciting plans to make it happen.


Swim a mile poster - phone no deleted

Secondly, I wanted to tell you about the Swim a Mile which is officially about to start.  There are 6 swims which have been organised so far (four of those have specific dates), where either people/groups will come and swim a mile with me at Armthorpe Leisure Centre, or I will be swimming with them at their pool.  Dates, times and places to be confirmed soon.

DCLT’s poster and leaflets going out to the people of Doncaster this week

Here is where you can help:

Would you like to come and swim too? You don’t have to complete a full mile (64 lengths of a 25m pool) to join in.

A Doncaster Culture Leisure Trust (DCLT) approved Sponsor Sheet has been created and all monies will go to the Hearing Fund UK. If you would like to swim a mile with me (or part of ), then you can register your interest by emailing me at lindacarlo@outlook.com.  The cost to take part is £5, which is paid on the day of your swim.  If you would like to get more support for your swim, I will email you a sponsor form. (I am trying to organise a prize for the individual who raises the most!).

Your swim can take place any time between now and the end of July, although any sponsor money must be paid by 31st July please.  Please note that you do not have to swim in Doncaster. It can be at your local pool. This is open to ANYONE who would like to take part, wherever you are! You could do this by yourself, with your family and friends, or local groups you belong to.

So there you have it, I would LOVE it if more people could get involved.  Having others  taking part would make a massive difference to the deaf children and their families who the Hearing Fund help.  Thank you so so much. I look forward to hearing from YOU!  Let’s get swimming!!! 😀 😀

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