Sunday 5th June 2016

Morrisons logo With the help of Paul yesterday, and my daughter Michelle and Josh, and Julia on Friday, we raised an incredible £482!!! This brings me so close to my target of £2,500 I can almost touch it!  With just £62 left to get there, I am now considering what to raise the new target to 🙂 🙂   To the people of Armthorpe, THANK YOU!  The staff at the store were a credit to the company, and I met some really kind and lovely people.  I also met some real characters 😉  I would love to repeat what one grumpy old man said to me, but just in case he reads this (very unlikely, I know!), I won’t repeat it to protect his identity hahaha.  Seriously though, it was so nice to get out into the local community, and because my swim is taking place at Armthorpe, there was some genuine interest in my Challenge.

The Bag Pack at the Morrisons superstore at Balby is happening on Friday 24th June, and I will need a significant number of helpers on that day to make it as successful as I would like it to be. Would anyone be interested in coming along to support this please? If so, please email me at Thank you so much.

Free Press June 2016One of the Morrisons customers pointed out she had seen me in this week’s Doncaster Free Press on Thursday, which I hadn’t known about.  I am still looking for the online version of this but I did buy the newspaper.The article mentions having people taking part in my swim this week, but actually this has been delayed slightly. Rather than it take place over a specific week, it is more likely to be happening on certain dates between now and the end of July.  I will be writing a special page about this tomorrow, and how folks can take part if they would like to.


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