Thursday 2nd June 2016

Another exciting lead to the fundraising has come along today.  I had a meeting with Carl Hughes who is the Armthorpe Parish Council Sports and Recreation Officer. He is excited to support my Swimming Challenge by asking several people who he works with, and some local school children, to come along and swim a mile with me at Armthorpe Leisure Centre for The Hearing Fund.  The date is Wednesday 6th July and it is in the diary 🙂 I am thrilled about this initial response from the local community, and plan to visit local shops and businesses in the village, with the posters which are about to be printed, to drum up even more support.  Doncaster Free Press will be contacted to cover the story.  Thank you Carl! This will make a significant difference to the total amount raised and is greatly appreciated.

Armthorpe community centre

Armthorpe Community Centre

At the pool today I had three swims!! I think that’s a record for me 🙂 I completed 180 lengths which is over 2.5 miles.  The reason for doing so much is that I will need to take tomorrow and Saturday off to do the first two bag packs at Morrison’s Armthorpe.  It’s a small store but does get busy and I won’t have time to stop and swim.  Sometimes you have to choose between swimming more miles, or getting out there to raise more money for the miles you are swimming 😀 😀

Another reason that today was great was that I am officially back working as an adult swimming instructor again. I felt like I had never been away … it was a great feeling! It’s just on a Thursday evening which is enough for me just now.  It was good to be back as a teacher, rather than just a swimmer.

Finally, I had a Blog visit from someone is Estonia today! Hello Estonia!! If anyone knows someone from an unusual country, please invite them to view. I’ll post how many more countries have been added to the visit list soon. I continue to be in awe of how small the world becomes through social media. If my Mum had still been alive, she would have LOVED this!!


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