Wednesday 1st June 2016

Just GivingConsidering the thousands of Just Giving pages there are out there, I was chuffed to receive an email today congratulating me on being in the top 5% for raising the most money during the month of May. This is absolutely down to the kindness of those who have donated to the Hearing Fund UK in such a generous way, and I can’t thank you enough for your support.  For those who might still like to make a donation, my Just Giving page is at :


Swim distances May

Another interesting set of statistics to share, is that during the month of May I swam the furthest distance than any other month since I began the 250 mile challenge last August. (No wonder I’m tired haha). The total is just over 202 miles which means I still remain on target to reach my 250th mile on 2nd August. 🙂  (202.2 miles is the same as 12,928 lengths. I’m aiming for 16,000 lengths in total)  If you wonder whether I live, breathe and sleep this challenge, you are right! haha

I have an interesting meeting with someone else who is asking if they can help tomorrow. More about that afterwards. (SO much support coming from all directions!!)







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