Tuesday 31st May 2016

Armthorpe pool

Armthorpe pool where I have swum 202 miles so far

I thought I would share an amusing story which I forgot to include yesterday.  Being a Bank Holiday Monday, the swimming timetable at Armthorpe Leisure Centre was different to normal.  It had been advertised as

7:00am – 9:00am Early Risers

10am – 3:00pm Public Swim.

The problem was, I had read it that the swim was from 7am to 3pm with no break.

I had intended to be at the pool for 7:00am for an early start, but I woke up later than planned and decided that because it was a Bank Holiday, I could go without rushing, as long as I swam my mile fairly early on because Paul and I had plans to go out for the day.

I drifted into the Pool in a very leisurely way at about 8:20am, feeling quite happy that I could take my time to swim at least 64 lengths. It was a very quiet session and I was very pleasantly surprised when, by about 8:50am, I was the only one left in the pool!  A long distance swimmer’s paradise! For about 20 minutes, I was thinking it was so nice not needing to swim around people, or be concerned about getting in anyone’s way.  I noticed the lifeguard get off his chair and I called to him on a shallow end turn that it must be boring just watching little old me!  On I kept swimming, thinking that as I was doing so well, I might forget the 64 lengths and go for 80 or even 100!  I got to about 50 lengths and started wondering why the lifeguard hadn’t got back on his chair (the safety rules are very strict that he should remain there whilst there was a session on). Suddenly it dawned on me that maybe this wasn’t an ongoing session after all!!  I stopped and asked him what time the session ended (still thinking I could take could take all the time I needed). He said ‘It ended at 9am’!!!  Here’s me, merrily swimming away to my heart’s content, not realising I should have got out of the water 10 minutes earlier!!! Haha  He might have shouted ‘Time!’ but because of my partial deafness, I hadn’t heard a thing!  I might be blind without my glasses, and deaf without my hearing aids, but I really must question in future, why everyone else is getting out of the pool all at once LOL (I’m just glad I didn’t keep swimming till I got to 100 lengths!)

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