Saturday 28th May 2016

Today has been a special day.  I swam my 200th mile at Armthorpe Leisure Centre. The screen shot of my Speedo Fit app shows the total distance completed at 200.5 miles.  It also shows how much more I have had to swim this week, than last, to stay on target.  For those interested in logging their swims on this app, the chart on the bottom shows each week’s total distance by how high the bar is.  There are other pages that include specific distances covered, which I have found very useful in keeping track of how far I have gone daily, weekly, monthly and overall.

I’m not afraid to say I felt quite emotional on my final few lengths today. (Heaven knows what I’ll be like when I get to the final mile haha!)

I am so very thankful for the incredible support I am receiving in so many ways. I now enter into a massive fundraising period of my Challenge as I complete the final 50 miles of my swim.  It was confirmed today that Morrison’s at Armthorpe are happy for me to do a Bag Pack on Friday and Saturday this coming week.  If you are local, please come along and support us.  If you would like to come and help for a couple of hours, please let me know by emailing me at Thank you.

Finally, I can’t help smile when I see today’s date.  28th May 1975 was the day I saw the Osmonds perform at Earls Court, London for the very first time.  I guess another reason to remember this date is the 200 mile milestone. 🙂




  1. The day we saw tbe Osmonds, and a few hundred more!! Hehe!
    You made dreams happen then and your making them come true again for the Hearing Fund.
    That my girl…..
    Well done lass. Love and hugs.



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