Friday 27th May 2016

199 miles


Mile 199 completed, and I’m really looking forward to tomorrow morning’s swim which will take me to the 200 mile milestone!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 This is Mile 7 for this week and I’m excited to be on target. I’ve had to work really hard but the effort is so worth it.



It has been an interesting day with more support coming from different directions. One event I would particularly like to share is happening this Monday 30th May on Facebook.

A lady called Roxana Liston who runs a swim school from home (she has her own pool… imagine that!) has offered to have the children who attend her classes do a sponsored swim to support my 250 mile challenge.  This will take place over the third week of June and I look forward to going so see them as they take to the water and add their sponsorship to the Hearing Fun UK.

Roxana also is a Forever Living Consultant and has kindly offered to have a Facebook event on Monday, 4pm to 8pm, to sell some of their products, giving 20% of all sales to the Hearing Fund too!  This is her post on the specially created Facebook page today:

Roxanne's facebook page

Please join us, and pass the word on to others too.  When she recently held an event of this kind, 700 people attended!!  There is no obligation to buy, so we hope to see you there.

This evening I have also had support offered by Armthorpe Swimming Club who are planning to do a sponsored swim.  More details on that as they are confirmed.

If anyone would like to contribute to my fundraising for the Hearing Fund UK, the Just Giving page can be found at  The second page has just got going. There is £750 left to reach the £2,500 target so any support would be very gratefully received.

Thank you so much everyone!  With my 200th mile happening tomorrow morning, the opportunities to fundraise are coming in fast, so it’s a really exciting time. I appreciate everyone who is helping in any way.



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