Tuesday 24th May 2016

Very very tired tonight, therefore this is a slightly earlier post than usual.  After swimming so far today, I suppose this is understandable.

At lunch time I enjoyed an 80 length swim (1.25 miles).  I would have continued if it hadn’t been for the fact the session was ending.  A special mention to the lifeguards on duty at Armthorpe Leisure Centre this week.  I like being able to swim in round numbers (64 lengths is a mile, 80 is 2000m, 96 is 1.5 miles etc)  On both of my lunch time swims this week, the lovely lifeguards have let me swim an extra couple of lengths, even though everyone else is getting out of the water, to finish what I had set out to do for that session. I know it doesn’t seem much in the grand scheme of things, but it matters to me, and I appreciate them waiting a couple of minutes whilst I finish.

I quickly got dressed and went to visit a couple of dear friends who are celebrating their birthdays. The timing was perfect because I had enough time to get back to the pool for 3pm for another swim. This time is was 100 lengths (1.5 miles + 100m).  I would have been quite happy to keep going to a total of 200, but I had to get to Slimming World for 5pm.

Total miles so far this week: 3.75


Total miles so far overall: 195.81   This leaves 4.19 miles to get to 200 miles by Saturday. I’m happy with that!

Today also marks just 50 swim days left!

24 May spreadsheet


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