Monday 23rd May 2016

Back in the pool today and oh how I had missed it!  It seemed odd not having swum since last Tuesday but I’m now on a catch up.  I realised after Saturday’s blog that my mission this week is to reach the 200 mile mark by this coming Saturday. So, with 8 miles to swim this week, I completed the first one today. Mile 193.

At Rock Choir tonight, I didn’t just learn to sing Mary’s Prayer a little better (GREAT rehearsal Kate! 🙂 ), I also realised from the lovely Jane who I sit next to, that getting the hang of Twitter is a MUST!! She gave me a quick run through of what I need to do, and I’m excited about how instant getting the message out to others is.  Another reason for mastering Twitter quickly is that there is a good chance I will be connecting up with Louis Tomlinson from One Direction!! I have two avenues to pursue.  Louis comes from Doncaster, and I had a chat with a family member this afternoon. This could be BIG if it all goes to plan!!Twitter logo

My Twitter contact is LindaCarlo1, so please feel free to follow me on there.


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