Saturday 21st May 2016

I wish I could account for the past four days, stating that I have continued swimming throughout the week, but actually I haven’t!  I have been on a cake making mission and rarely left the kitchen! I have to remind myself that it’s OK to take a break from the pool for a few days, but I do miss it when I’m needed to do other things.  I am so used to exercising each day now, that it feels odd not to be working my time around my swimming schedule. It means the four miles extra I did last week has now been needed for this week’s average.  However, in 9 days time I will be able to start early morning swims again, so I’ll be able to go twice a day if I need to.  When I have a specific target, whether it be short or long term, I’m like a dog with a bone and won’t let go of it! So onwards we go. My swimming schedule for the coming week looks like this:

Monday  Lunch time  1.25 miles

Tuesday  Lunch time  1.25 miles  Evening 1 mile

Thursday Lunch time  1 mile   Evening 1.25 miles

Friday  Lunch time 1.25 miles

Saturday Morning  1.25 miles.

Total: 8.25 miles … I would be happy with that 🙂

I like to plan ahead… whether it be my swim schedule or my healthy eating meal plans.  It’s good to know at the beginning of each week what I want to achieve, as there is a much greater chance of it actually happening with a plan, rather than without one.

My JustGiving page to be extended

One milestone for this weekend is that I am in the process of renewing my JustGiving page. The original page which allowed me 100 days to receive donations, comes to an end tomorrow.  Another page will start showing 0% funds raised so far.  Unfortunately the set  up will not allow me to add the current amount raised, so I will add the running total on the Page comments. Everything should be in place by Monday.  Thank you to EVERYONE who has shown support whether it be through my JustGiving page or in cash.  The amount raised so far will be transferred directly to the Hearing Fund UK, and a total  will be shared on this Blog in the next few days. The link to the new page will be the same as the current one, once admin have set up the link to continue as before.  Thank you so much for your support.  It really does make a huge difference.


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