Tuesday 17th May 2016

Just when I think it surely can’t get any better, it does!!

I finally met a lady from the Doncaster Deaf School this afternoon who I have been trying to meet for the past month.  I won’t give any details away at this point, only to say that her support and encouragement is going to make a MASSIVE difference to the amount my 250 mile swim will raise and I can’t wait to introduce you to her (if she will allow me to!)!! I wish I could share the highlights of my hour long visit with her, but I can’t yet.  I find it frustrating to not be able to share what’s in the pipeline, but all really will be revealed as soon as is possible. It’s very exciting!

Today I can say I have swum through the England/Scotland border, and it made me smile. I have just passed the 192 mile mark. I guess at some point I was half in England and half in Scotland and to those who don’t know, I’m actually half English, half Scottish 🙂  My Dad was a Geordie born in Newcastle, England, and my Mum was born, and grew up in, Scotland. Funny, eh?!  Wherever my parents are in heaven right now, I can sense they somehow know what I’m doing, and however I miss their direct response to all of this, it’s OK. I do miss them though. It was 27 years yesterday since my Dad passed on, and my Mum died almost 7 years ago.  Still, their great influence lives on.

Also today, I came home from the Deaf School visit to find another encouraging email from Justin Osmond …. my inspiration! He is such a good man and I love how positive he always is.  Thank you again Justin.

Finally, all I can say is….. It surely can’t get any better than this……. can it??? 🙂

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