Monday 16th May 2016


Scottish border 2

Oh my goodness…. on the map I have just calculated that after having swum my 190th mile today, I have passed Marshall Meadows. Quoting from Wikipedia, it says this:

Marshall Meadows Bay is the northernmost point of England. It is located on the Northumberland coast, 2.5 miles (4.0 km) to the north of Berwick-upon-Tweed, and just to the south of the Anglo-Scottish border. The hamlet of Marshall Meadows lies to the west of the bay, and is the most northerly inhabited place in England.

This means tomorrow, when I swim Mile 191, I will be passing through the Scotland/England border!!! That definitely has a ‘wow factor’ for me because I hadn’t realised I was this close to Scotland.  I was so busy swimming last week, I forgot to check the map! 🙂  I knew I was getting closer, but hadn’t realised I was this close. Exciting!


Today’s Challenge News:

  • DCLT are about to publish a press release about my swim, and are inviting those who would like to Swim a Mile with me to come along.  I will share this very soon, including details of how anyone around the country can also register to take part.
  • I had a lovely call from Martine at Morrison’s in Doncaster today.  The first confirmed date to do a Bag pack there is on Friday 24th June. As their schedule is so busy, the second visit will be after the Gala weekend in August, but I’m still very grateful to her for her kindness towards me, and the support she is offering on behalf of Morrison’s. What a nice lady!
  • I also went to visit another lovely lady who runs her own private swimming school this afternoon. She would love to help fundraise, and more details about her and her school will be shared on here soon, once we have agreed on the finer details.  Thank you Roxana… it was a pleasure to meet you, and your support is very much appreciated.

So, all in all, a great day. Wow…. Scotland, here I come! 🙂 🙂



  1. Well dun me hinny, bye bye from beautiful Northumberland and
    Och aye the noo from bonny Scotland!!
    Nearly there lass nearly there.



  2. Hey u are doing amazing thing!! I am also impressed by you. I would love to do what u are doing in the future for sure. Fighting from South Korea ( good Korea not north korea)



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