Sunday 15th May 2016

More exciting news.  Morrison’s in Doncaster have agreed to let me have two bag pack days to raise money for the Hearing Fund UK.  This is a fabulous opportunity because on good days, they can bring in up to £1,000 a time!! So with Tesco Extra and Morrison’s on board, they will be confirming dates very shortly.  I am looking for teams of 10 people on each of the four dates to come and help me. I have already had a few volunteers, but if anyone would like to come along and be available for a day (or even a few hours) it would be most appreciated. Your t-shirt is awaiting you 🙂  I will confirm the dates as soon as they have been agreed. Thank you so much.

I have also discovered a possible way to have my Celebrity t-shirt signed all at one event!!!!  News on this will be posted shortly, so please stay tuned!

This is Linda Carlo, reporting for the Hearing Fund UK Challenge in Doncaster, South Yorkshire! Haha !


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