Tuesday 10th May 2016

MILES SWAM SO FAR: 184.5 miles


After feeling somewhat slow for the past couple of weeks, I felt amazing in the pool today. I was able to swim 2.5 miles in two visits and would have swam further if it hadn’t been for the fact it was time to end the sessions.  I was last one out of the pool as usual 🙂 Wednesday is my usual rest day because there are no lunch time swims at Armthorpe. I’ll be ready for the break tomorrow, but plan on swimming two miles on Thursday, one on Friday and one on Saturday morning. Hopefully with a few extra lengths added to this, I will finish the week with 8 miles completed.

Tonight I watched a video clip of Justin Osmond from exactly one year ago, finishing his 250 mile run in 7 days. It made me feel very emotional to see how much effort he put into this for those deaf children.  I feel I need to increase my own effort somehow and will take some time over the next couple of days to decide how I can do this.

I feel so proud to know Justin, and feel incredibly honoured that he has chosen to swim my 250th mile with me.

For those of you who don’t have Facebook, this is the video link to Justin’s final part of his run.


My JustGiving Page can be found at: https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/linda-carlo

Thank you so much for your support.

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