Sunday 8th May 2016

Had a wonderful weekend with my in laws visiting.  I had full intentions of sneaking out for an early morning swim yesterday before everyone woke up, but I overslept!  Imagine that!  I must have been really tired because I’m usually a very early morning person. This means I’m a mile down on this week, but I intend to make that up by having two swims tomorrow. Problem sorted. 🙂

Current Swimming Distance : 181 miles

Still to go:   69 miles


As the Arrow magazine deadline approaches, I wonder if I might ask all those who have kindly offered to sponsor me, but haven’t quite got round to it yet, whether I might ask if you could help me reach a new target in my fundraising please.   I am currently at £1,683 and would like reach £1800 by Wednesday 18th May. This means I am trying to raise £117 for the Hearing Fund UK in the next 10 days!! Is there anyone you know would might like to help I wonder??  I will post my progress on this each day, so you can follow this.  I am so very very grateful for everyone who has given so far. The response has been incredible. Thank you in advance. x

My Just Giving page can be found at:



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