Sunday 1st May 2016


Well after an exhausting and challenging swim on Friday, I came home to a very inspirational email from Justin Osmond telling me to keep going and cheering me on!!  How did he know to do that on the very day I needed it most?! If he had been here, I would have hugged him 😀 😀 It did make me realise something though…. that just a few kind encouraging words can make a huge difference.  (Justin is like that.  He lifts people wherever he goes.) It’s the little things that matter, and it doesn’t cost anything to be kind. Thank you Justin.


Bamburgh Castle

It meant that my swim yesterday morning was a completely different experience. I managed to swim 76 lengths which means I have just passed the 177 mile mark. It also means I am just passing the beautiful Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland on the map! 🙂


Finally I just want to say a special hello to any new visitors to my Blog who will be joining me from the Friends of the Osmonds Facebook page for the first time. They have over 5,300 members and I have been given an opportunity to have my story pinned, to raise awareness of my 250 mile Challenge and particularly the Hearing Fund UK. A special thanks to Lyn Tennant for her support.


  1. We have a beautiful coast line here in Northumberland, so lucky…..
    And I have a beautiful friend!
    Love your friend up North.

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