Tuesday 26th April 2016

Slimming World night and oh dear, I DID have a gain in weight.  However, am I feeling sad or frustrated about this?  Absolutely not!  I know what I have consumed in the past 14 days to know it was a result of eating the wrong things (How can you go to Cornwall and not have the occasional Cornish pasty?? :D)   Actually in all fairness I had more than that.  But the wonderful thing about this Slimming World healthy way of eating is that I know how to put things right.  This is really exciting to me because in the past, I would have been discouraged and probably turned to more food for comfort. But since yesterday I have been totally on plan, including planning and preparing all our meals from scratch.  I am completely ‘switched on’ as I mentioned in my Group tonight, and I love that feeling of having control again.  I have several pounds to lose to get back into my Target zone and I declared to my group tonight that I’d lose most of that by this time next week.  It has been said that if you tell people what your goals are, you are 47% more likely to achieve them, than if you kept them to yourself. So, look out SW pals… I’m aiming big for next week! 🙂

You would think the more lengths I swim, the more the weight would fall off, but this is definitely not the case. My NSV (Non Scale victory) today was that I swam a fast 1.5 miles at lunch time (96 lengths)  when I had only planned to swim one mile. I have noticed that after a 10 length warm up which is fairly steady, I get to my best speed at about 50 lengths in.  I felt strong in the water today, especially as the water was on the cool side.  Did you know that if the temperature of the water is too warm, it is literally harder to swim through it?  I learned on my swimming teacher’s course many years ago, that it’s the viscosity which changes according to how warm or cold it is. Today was a perfect temperature which allowed me to swim faster than average.

I am currently at 173.6 miles and by the end of the week I will be passing Bamburgh Castle on the map 🙂

Finally, today our Arrow monthly magazine was posted through our door. This month the article can be found on page 11. Many thanks to Michelle, the Editor, for allowing me to continue to raise the Hearing Fund’s profile.

Arrow May


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